Sustainable Soft Touchscreen Wipes - 97% Natural Formula

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Individually-wrapped premium device cleaning wipes, made with 97% natural ingredients. Made with the Ultimate Soft Eco-Cloth, a sustainable 100% plant-based material. These wipes are safe to use on all touchscreens for scratch-free cleaning.

Use Wipex Touchscreen wipes to wipe away any fingerprints or smudges left on your devices. Designed to safely clean without leaving behind any streaks nor residue. Our proprietary alcohol-free formula will surely keep your screens clean and clear! Each individually wrapped wipe conveniently fits in your pocket or purse to help you keep your electronic gear clean at home, at work or anywhere on-the-go.

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“I bought this after reading other reviews for wipes for cleaning my Peloton monitor screen. They have also been great for cleaning my laptop screen and extra monitor screen! I love the individual packaging and light scent.”

Jeff - Amazon
Wipex Sustainable Touchscreen Wipes

“Great floor wipes! Non-toxic and no “fragrance” AKA fake chemical odor. I love these and feel good using them around our baby.”

Wipex Natural Floor Wipes

“These are very handy to use to wipe down the kitchen and dining room after meals. I wanted a more natural wipe that was safe for my kids to use. I leave it in the kitchen for quick wipe downs. The smell is heavenly!”

EJ - Amazon
Natural Home Surface Wipes

“We have been growing out home gym and wanted to protect our investments. My husband is a heavy sweater when he works out so these have been wonderful to have for him to clean up after he works out! I like [that] they are natural, don't harm our equipment, and the value is as great as the fresh lavender scent!”

Natural Fitness Wipes

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